Just like an avocado-eating millennial, Sydney’s koalas are finding it increasingly difficult to get on the property ladder.

There's A Proposed Great Koala National Park In Sydney, photo: Henry Brydon, koala, tree, bush, native animal

Photo by @henry_brydon

As if the koalas’ own heavy struggles with Chlamydia, an infectious bacterial disease affecting health and fertility, wasn’t enough, the human factors of urban sprawl, large-scale tree clearing and a lack of protection are destroying their native habitat. According to the WWF, ‘Koalas could be extinct in NSW as early as 2050’.

Koala Spotting // Smiths Creek Reserve in Sydney (NSW)

WAE Explorers Matt ’n’ Kat Pearce headed out for themselves to see if they could find one of Sydney’s elusive residents by exploring Smiths Creek Reserve in Campbelltown. This reserve is the site of the newly proposed Great Koala National Park and is a great microadventure in itself, boasting cycle paths, walking trails and even an odd furry friend or two.

Hey, isn’t the Great Koala National Park in Coffs Harbour? Well, yes. And also, no. There is another campaign ongoing for a much larger-scale national park of the same name, for the same reasons, in the north of the state. However, at time of writing, nothing has been set in stone for either park. Find out more on the NPANSW website.

If you want to take action, check out the WWF website and join their petition to protect koalas in the Sydney area, or hop on the train and see if you can spot a koala in NSW for yourself.


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Koala Spotting // Smiths Creek Reserve in Sydney (NSW)

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