An award-winning documentary about the campaign to save Victoria’s forests is now free to view. Watch ‘The Great Forest’ now.

Just north of Melbourne, in the midst of Victoria’s Central Highlands lies the Toolangi Forest. A beautiful native forest, filled with Mountain Ash eucalyptus that tower high above the streams and creeks. The tallest flowering trees in the world shelter the endangered Leadbeater Possum, a species only found in this part of Victoria.

The streams and rivers are a key source of fresh drinking water for the people of Melbourne and the land is a sacred site for local First Nations people.

But this sacred and precious land is under threat. Unsustainable logging and fires have destroyed so much of the forest, that only 1% of the original Mountain Ash forest remains. 

‘The Great Forest’ is a short film that documents the unique beauty of this area and the ongoing campaign that hopes to protect the forest from logging and fires. This massive community campaign is urging the government to turn the forest and surrounding areas, into a national park, known as The Great Forest National Park, so it may be legally protected. 

The film was first screened in 2016 and has gone on to win several international film awards. It’s been gifted to many NGOs to help spread the word about The Great Forest campaign and now the documentary is free for all to view, download and share on Facebook. 

The forest is a major hub for outdoor adventures; from rock climbing the escarpments, traversing the many creeks and streams by kayak, trail-running or hiking, camping, fishing and four-wheel driving, Toolangi Forest is a place for explorers of all sorts to enjoy.

The campaign has a huge community backing, with 70% of Victorians in support of the creation of the park. There is major international support for the campaign from environmental advocates David Attenborough and Jane Goodall, as well as many famous Australian’s such as Nick Cave, Peter Garrett, and Bob Irwin. 

As explorers, we all bloody love forests and know the value of preserving nature. This is a super important campaign to get around and a truly unique area of Australia that needs our support in order to maintain its beauty.


To learn more about the campaign to save the Toolangi Forest, tune into The Great Forest Facebook page at 6:30pm tonight.


Feature photo by Making Tracks

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