Gordon Falls Lookout via Leura Falls (NSW)


  • Tarpeian Rock intersection
  • Elysian Lookout
  • Jamison Valley
  • Leura Cascades

It’s time to strap on those hiking boots because it’s about to get real outdoorsy up in here.Exercise your right to wanderlust by capturing a waterfall. After all you’re in the Blue Mountains, you’re intrepid, you’re an outdoors explorer! If you happen to be in Katoomba or Leura region on a wet and rainy day- don’t miss the Leura Cascades and for some of the most incredible views in NSW, you can’t look past the Gordon Falls Lookout.

With the end of the week fast approaching, instead of sitting at home feeling disappointed I decided to embark on a trip to the Gordon Falls Lookout, accompanied by my camera and a couple of mates. It’s a pretty cruisy 90 minute drive from Sydney via the M4, easy to find and access. As soon as we arrived in the little carpark we were greeted by the sound of rushing water. The first stop was the Leura Cascades, where the dense topography is abundant and plenty of hidden gems to be uncovered and instagrammed relentlessly. Entering a new trail with zero expectations is my default setting yet somehow these waterfalls were everything I hoped for and more. Within 5 minutes of the walking trail, we reached a fork in the road and without hesitation we began towards the Gordon Falls. The hike starts off easy, with a few loose rocks on the trail to watch out for. We passed some incredible views, walking under cantilevered stone where the side of the mountain had been carved out. Towards the end, a set of narrow metal stairs became our biggest challenge. The steep incline had us huffing and puffing, internally thinking that we deserved a feast after this.

Essential gear required:

  • Closed in shoes
  • Lots of water
  • Light backpack Jacket

How to get there:

The Leura Park to Gordon Falls Lookout walk starts and ends at the Leura Cascades Picnic Area


  • Hiking
  • Photography

Skill Level:


Distance covered / Elevation Gain:

2 hour hike- 3.6 km Return/ 380m