Tanja Lagoon Camp is the holiday you simultaneously don’t want to tell anyone about but want to tell EVERYONE about! Henry explains why this should be your next trip and gives us the lowdown on the activities on offer at Tanja Lagoon Camp.

As I sipped a cuppa from the comfort of our warm and cosy bed, I looked out through the open canvas tent and across the the timber decking area to the lagoon in front. The cacophony of bird song was utterly immense, and as the sun rose in the distance, the morning light morphed into a spectrum of purples, pinks and reds. Kangaroo’s nibbled grass peacefully around our tent before thudding off into the surrounding forest when I was succumbed by a prehistoric man yawn.

Tanja Lagoon Camp is a nature experience like nothing I’ve ever encountered.

The eco-project is run by Sam and Loz (and their 2 lovely kids Jasper and Amber), two incredible human beings who have a deep respect and affinity with nature, conservation and adventure. When Susi and I arrived for our long weekend stay, Sam had just returned from guiding a 75 day trek through the Kimberleys, WA!

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We were completely cocooned by nature for 2 days. I’m normally the first to turn on the portable speakers and play some tunes on our weekends away, however this just isn’t necessary at Tanja. The speakers never left my bag! The world is entirely alive around you and I could have just sat back on our deck for an eternity watching the show play out before me.

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