The trailer for new film, Girls Can’t Surf has dropped and damn, grab your stick cause we’re going surfing. 


Nothing brings a bunch of women together like staving off blatant misogyny, and when it comes to the surfing world of the 80s, that shit was rife. So naturally, a bunch of renegade pro-surfer chicks banded together to show the fellas that girls absolutely can surf, and inspired a new wave of female surfers in the process. 

The Australian made film, Girls Can’t Surf tells their story. 



With the blinding fluoro get-ups and peroxide blonde hair of the 80s (not to mention the objectification of women), this film has nostalgia plastered all over it. Plus it’s packed with surfing superstars – we’ve got Layne Beachley, we’ve got Pam Burridge, we’ve got Pauline Menczer, Lisa Andersen, Jodie Cooper… the line up goes on. 

If the trailer alone doesn’t light a fire in your belly and leave you absolutely frothing to get out there, nothing will. Available on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, and Google Play, go check it out!

For a bitta nostalgia and inspo, check out Girls Can’t Surf insta.


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