The trailer for new film, Girls Can’t Surf has dropped and damn, grab your stick cause we’re going surfing. 


Nothing brings a bunch of women together like staving off blatant misogyny, and when it comes to the surfing world of the 80s, that shit was rife. So naturally, a bunch of renegade pro-surfer chicks banded together to show the fellas that girls absolutely can surf, and inspired a new wave of female surfers in the process. 

The Australian made film, Girls Can’t Surf tells their story. 



With the blinding fluoro get-ups and peroxide blonde hair of the 80s (not to mention the objectification of women), this film has nostalgia plastered all over it. Plus it’s packed with surfing superstars – we’ve got Layne Beachley, we’ve got Pam Burridge, we’ve got Pauline Menczer, Lisa Andersen, Jodie Cooper… the line up goes on. 

If the trailer alone doesn’t light a fire in your belly and leave you absolutely frothing to get out there, nothing will. 

Girls Can’t Surf premieres at the Sydney Film Festival on January 17th and you can buy tickets now! I hear there’ll be some special guest surf legends attending the screening! Cue fan girling. 

Live in WA? Lucky you! You can catch Girls Can’t Surf at the Perth Festival from January 11th-17th. For everyone else, Girls Can’t Surf will be carving up a cinema near you come March 2021.

For a bitta nostalgia and inspo while you wait, check out Girls Can’t Surf insta.