Our friends over at Human Nature Adventure Therapy (HNAT) need your old gear!! We’re not sure about you, but those hiking boots you just replaced with a fancy new pair could probably do with a new home. And what better place than on the feet of a keen young bunch of lads on the upcoming Bush Adventure Therapy Program.

Human Nature Adventure Therapy (HNAT)

HNAT is a not-for-profit organisation, which has been established to operate and ensure the on-going sustainability of the Recre8 Bush Adventure Therapy Program; a program which supports vulnerable or ‘at-risk’ young people through an intensive expedition-based therapeutic intervention in the outdoors. They service both boys and girls aged between 14 and 19, primarily from the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast Regions.

Many of the participants of their upcoming Recre8 Bush Adventure Therapy Program come from disadvantaged backgrounds and often have great difficulty getting together the required clothes and gear for being comfortable and safe on their ten-day expedition program.

Whilst they provide specialist gear like hiking packs and tents, for some young people even the basic personal gear is hard to access.

Do you have any clothes/gear you would be prepared to donate?

The vulnerable young people of their program require:

  • Waterproof Rain Jackets
  • Lightweight long pants and long sleeve shirts (ideally quick dry material) – for sun & snake protection
  • Hiking boots – ideally lightweight with ankle support.
  • Hiking socks
  • Water shoes (to protect feet during white water canoeing)
  • Head torch (reasonable quality)
  • Meal kits (lightweight bowl, cutlery, cup)
  • Sun hats
  • Good quality lightweight sleeping bags and liners
  • If you have other gear you think we might be able to use, please check in with us…

How To Donate

Donations can be posted to PO Box 665, Mullumbimby, NSW 2481. You can also drop gear at the office, but call Dani on 0411 496159 or email her at om@humannature.net.au beforehand.

When To Donate

For the upcoming Young Men’s Recre8 program, we would need to receive it by Friday November 17th. If it’s past the 17th by the time you read this, donations are still welcome for future programs (there are a few per year).

Further Info

If you would like to discuss whether the gear you have to donate is appropriate, please phone Selase Dugbaza on 0476 796 720 or bm@humannature.net.au

If you’re interested in finding out about what HNAT do, or you’re interested in volunteering or donating, go to www.humannature.net.au

Future Coverage of the Recre8 Bush Adventure Therapy Program

I’m proud to say that I will be attending this fantastic program as a volunteer. If anyone is interested in the program and what it entails, stay tuned for my full article following the program.

Human Nature Bush Adventure Therapy