It can be pretty tricky to navigate products these days. Consciously consuming everything from your coffee to the clothes on your back can be pretty draining. And why is it all so ugly?

Team Timbuktu is an about-to-be-launched outdoor brand that knows fashion is the second most polluting industry in the world, but doesn’t think we have to wear drab khaki sacks to make a difference. The founder, Rhianna Knight, is an outdoor fanatic who’s studied and worked in the fashion industry, so she knows the problems first hand.

The company is planning an initial run of brightly coloured, patterned raincoats, leggings and crop tops with crowd-funding supporters to choose the final prints and make the brand a reality.

They’re quick to note that they’re not “just another fucking legging brand”, they have an outdoor product focus and goals to extend into all outerwear and accessories, from winter jackets to tents. Unlike most fashion raincoats, their one is actually made of waterproof and breathable fabrics.

Mister Timbuktu, outdoor apparel

Socially, Team Timbuktu will only be partnering with manufacturers committed to the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) and plans to donate a whopping 20% of its profit to people and planet charities!

The fabric is made using recycled plastic bottles, a process that uses 50% less energy than virgin polyester and makes use of a commonly disposable product.

Does this get your heart thumping? Then head over to the Indiegogo page and throw your support behind the campaign. It closes in a month so get in quick!


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Mister Timbuktu, outdoor apparel