Have you heard of Fjällräven Polar? It’s a 300km dogsled expedition across the Arctic. Pretty cool right? (pun definitely intended) Well get keen, for the first time entries are open to everyday explorers from Australia and New Zealand.

The idea of the event is to show that ordinary people can complete and enjoy a proper winter adventure. We’re all about getting everyday people out adventuring at We Are Explorers so this gets us pretty amped!

The route runs from Signaldalen in Norway to Väkkäräjärvi in Sweden. While you’ll be fully kitted out in bomber Fjällräven gear and guided by experts, this is no catered trip. You might enjoy crisp Scandinavian sunshine or blizzards and temperatures 30-below-zero.

So how do you become the first Aussie or New Zealander to get involved? Click the link below to get started!

Applications are open until December 14th 2017, so get cracking.

Fjällräven Polar 2018 Application and Info

fjallraven polar, snow, dogsledfjallraven polar, snow, dogsled fjallraven polar, snow, dogsledfjallraven polar, snow, dogsled