Water babies the world over unite in Patagonia’s latest film, Fishpeople. 


The ocean is a central part of many Explorer’s lives, and living in Aus means you probably live pretty damn close to the ocean. These massive bodies of water provide so much for us. They’re a playground, a resource for food, a place of gathering as well as somewhere to be alone. 

Patagonia’s latest film, Fishpeople, explores people’s relationships with the ocean and the transformative effects time spent in a salty sea can have on a person. 

It follows the journeys of surfers Matahi Drollet and Dave Rastovich, endurance swimmer Lynne Cox, diver Kimi Werner and Eddie Donnellan, from WaterMe Foundation. For all of these people, the ocean has been a game-changer in their lives and directed them onto a different path. 

Maybe that’s what the ocean’s done for you too. 

Either way, this film is sure to inspire your love of the big ol’ blue. Check it out now!