We’re keen to find out how we can make things easier for readers who are just dipping their toes into the world of camping.


‘Where do I go?’

‘Who can I go with?’

‘What gear should I buy?’


That last question is one of the biggest barriers to outdoor adventure, and it’s one we’re currently addressing here at We Are Explorers HQ.

Does it really make sense to buy all the kit-and-caboodle for your maiden voyage into the wild (even if we promise you it’s more addictive than crack)?

If you only do it a couple of times a year, is it really worth filling your small apartment with outdoor paraphernalia (even if we reckon it’s more essential than your kettle and toaster)?

We’d love to hear from our readers who are new or relatively inexperienced when it comes to camping. In return for your thoughts you’ll be entered into a comp to win a $200 Patagonia voucher.

Please share around!

This survey is particularly relevant for readers who are quite new to camping but are keen to do it more often. If you have friends or family who fall into this camp, please share with them (we’ll let you decide how you want to split the $200 gift card).