From 4WD desert crossings to saving the koala, these are our favourite articles from March!


I know I know, we’re halfway through April but these stories are bloody top-notch; they’ll never go out of style. Grab your favourite bevvy and get ready to read! 

1. 4WDing Across The Simpson Desert

Over six days, Eva, Adam and Eva’s dad Paul, took their Troopies and climbed up and over, up and over, up and over, hundreds of sand dunes in the Simpson Desert. It’s a must-do road trip for anyone who loves 4WDing plus the scenery and serenity is spectacular. 

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2. Meet The Women Protecting The Adventurous Feminine Spirit

Every year on March 8th we hoot and holler for women everywhere as it’s International Women’s Day!

This year, Bee chatted to five seriously impressive and inspiring women about how their love of adventure intersects with the other passions in their life. Love of nature and adventure is at the heart of everything these women do, from writing and art, to starting businesses and climbing festivals.

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3. Bike Packing NSW’s South Coast One Year on From The Bushfires

Dylan and Duncan were the winners of our 2019 Osprey Adventure Grant, but bushfires and COVID put their bike-packing tour on hold. A few months ago they finally had the chance to ride their way up the NSW South Coast from Mystery Bay to Batemans Bay. 

With a few other adventures booked in along the way, Dyl and Dunc had an unreal long weekend pedalling along some of Australia’s most beautiful coastline. 

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4. 70km From Bondi to Manly With The Cricketers Coffee Club

Similar to the South Coast bike-packing boys, Dan, Pat, and John Schnelle had to delay their Osprey adventure too, but managed to squeeze in their 70km Bondi to Manly hike on Sydney’s hottest November weekend on record. 

The three brothers crammed in a few innings of cricket along the way and managed to satisfy their shared coffee cravings too. An adventure of massive proportions, and all within the largest city in Australia.

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5. Koalas Under Threat – Can We Save Our Most Iconic Australian Animal?

We’re constantly hearing about the decimated numbers of koalas in Australia, especially after the 2019/2020 bushfires. 

Caitlin digs deep into the facts to find out how threatened koalas really are and what needs to happen from here to ensure we don’t lose them forever. 

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Koalas Under Threat – Can We Save Our Most Iconic Australian Animal?, Amy DeBoer, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, koala mum and joey, vet, injured koala

Photo by Amy DeBoer – Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


Feature photo by @evadavisboermans