There’ve been so many intriguing stories, useful guides, and new places to explore popping up on our website lately, these are our faves from Feb.

These are our five favourite stories from February. Brew a cuppa, snuggle onto the couch, and ready yourself for some epic reading. You might just find your next adventure. 

1. How To Have Sex in The Bush

This article’s been bubbling away at the back of the WAE team’s mind for years (yes we share one enormous brain, it’s complicated). With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, we knew it was finally ready to be served up to our readers. We packed it full of good stuff – plenty of fruit and veg – and plated it up just in time. 

Kudos to Ruby for really getting stuck into this one and of course to Jono for the snaps. 

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2. Family Fun on New Zealand’s Otago Central Rail Trail

Over five days, Jessie McRae and 11 members of her family, ranging from the ages of eight to 80, rode from Clyde to Middlemarch on New Zealand’s South Island. With a whole lot of laughs, scenic countryside, and epic pub accommodation along the way, this adventure is as fun as it wholesome. 

Film photos only add to the heart-full feelings you get seeing this family of frothers having the time of their lives. 

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3. The Best Road Trips in Victoria

Arden went hard with this one. She’s seriously done you a favour, piecing together seven action-packed Victorian road trips, detailing all the stops to take and every adventure you can squeeze in along the way. If you’re taking a drive around Vicco anytime soon, give this a flick through. 

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4. Science is Proving The Healthy Influences of Nature

We all know nature makes us feel good, but why? Simon deep dives into all the research that’s backing up our good vibes with, ya know, science. Have a squiz and see if you agree. 

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5. Mas a Tierra – Closer to Land // Three Castaways with Bikes on Maria Island

Three mates and their bikes intentionally strand themselves on Tassie’s Maria Island all the while pondering their connection to land, not unlike the castaway they have stowed in their packs, Robinson Crusoe. Join them on a tour of the self, and the mysterious Maria Island. 

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Feature photo by @scott_mattern