Boil the kettle, mute the Olympics, and stop pretending to have a productive day working from home – it’s time to hoe into our most delicious articles of July. Enjoy! 

1. I Hate Hiking And I’m Tired of Pretending I Don’t



If there’s been a more controversial topic discussed on We Are Explorers I’m yet to lay eyes on it. But Sharona has stuck the knife in and is pulling it out nice and slow. 

Do you agree with her? Or vigorously oppose? Whichever side of the trail you’re on, it’s worth a squiz.

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2. Kalbarri Isn’t Just a Stop on a Road Trip – It’s a Destination



We’ve been absolutely lapping up the stunning content rolling into our inboxes from WA recently (we’ve published four pieces on WA in the last six weeks)! 

And this playground article on Kalbarri proves why this remarkable region is more than just an overnight stop on the way through to somewhere else – its final destination material.

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3. Beers, Bakeries & Barely Any Uphill? Cycling The 161km Brisbane Valley Rail Trail 



Now this is my kind of adventure. An all-time crew of mates, a bit of cycling, history, and delicious liquid and pastry treats littered the whole way along. Perfection. 

If you’re anything like me or Lachlan, this rail trail might be right up your valley.

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4. One of The Gnarliest Races in The Southern Hemisphere Can be Found Just Out of Melbourne 


One of the Gnarliest Races in the Southern Hemisphere Can Be Found Just Out of Melbourne, photo by the Eventurers, Tom Dade, running, ultrarunning, competition

Photo by the Eventurers


Tim recently chatted to certified legend Tom Dade about running the Down Under 135, an absolutely bonkers race through the Lerderderg and Wombat State Forests where he was only one of two people to even cross the finish line. Madness.

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5. Hiking Boots Vs Trail Runners



James isn’t afraid to ask the big, controversial questions of the outdoors – what do you wear on your feet during a hike? Hiking boots, or trail runners? 

I’ve been slipping on my multi-day hike Teva sandals recently, so it’s clear I’m in all-sorts when it comes to this topic. Have a read and see where your loyalties lie.

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Feature photo by @lachlan_gardiner