Not long ago you used to have to check to see if your favourite websites had updated. Go back further and people did this weird thing where they paid for whole magazines just to catch up on their favourite lifestyle or hobby.

(We’d love to do a print magazine at some stage by the way, but that’s not what this is about).

In many ways, We Are Explorers has social media, Facebook in particular, to thank for its existence. Like-minded outdoor frothers sent their microadventures, lists and inspirational musings to Henry, who’d publish the pieces on the website alongside his own ramblings, before sharing them to Zuckerberg in the hope of a little extra love.

Well it was like dropping caesium in a bathtub. The articles were going mental and We Are Explorers began to reach thousands of people who were hearing the call of the wild. They’d share the articles, tag their friends and hit the road for an unforgettable weekend.

So what happened? This cartoon by The Oatmeal sums it up perfectly:the oatmeal, reaching people on the internet, facebook

Facebook runs using this mystical thing called “the Algorithm”, it controls what you see when you do the slack-jawed-scroll through your news feed. Over the years, they’ve continually updated it to become more sophisticated and “allow good content to rise to the top”.

So what happened?

I put that last line in quotation marks for good reason, it’s mostly just resulted in memes, cat videos and utterly heinous viral articles clogging up the feed. Half of the posts we see are random things our friends liked and hardly any of it is organic content from the pages we followed (or our friends for that matter).

We Are Explorers isn’t a big business and the majority of the articles are written by Explorers for the greater WAE community, to spread the stoke of the outdoors and share hidden gems. There’s no big budget to pump into Facebook every time someone finds a waterfall and even if there was, we’re not that keen to play that game.

So how can you make sure you’re not missing a beat of our very-much-still-beating heart?

Here are a few options:

Change post notifications to ‘See First’ – If you’ve gotta Facebook, tell it to drag those Micros to the top of your feed. You’ll save the scroll and stay across the latest news from We Are Explorers HQ.

See first, screenshot, facebook

Sign up for our Newsletter – Once a week we’ll send an email your way with a round-up of the best posts on the website for the week, updates and general inspiration and/or banter. Sign up for your inspiration injection here.

Bookmark – I know right, the 90s called, but bookmarks and top sites are brilliant ways to keep across your favourite online content without having it spoon fed to you and laced with advertising dollars.

Better yet, make We Are Explorers your homepage and guarantee that you never get any work done ever again.

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