Nicole Rowles chats to some legit Brissie adventurers about how they’re exploring their local.


A recent study by the University of Queensland revealed a 36% spike in Brisbane locals accessing outdoor spaces in the past year, but it’s not just the average explorer that’s been getting out into the Aussie bush. 

Dr Geoff Wilson holds world records for the longest solo unsupported Polar Journey, the first Australian to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility and the first ascent of Dome Argus, the highest point in East Antarctica.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic though, Geoff’s international adventures have been on hold, and he’s had to think outside the box to keep pushing the boundaries.

We hit up Geoff and some of Wild Earth Australia’s ambassadors for an insight into what adventures they’ve been up to in Aus. They’ve shared their favourite hikes in southeast Queensland and some words of wisdom when it comes to exploring our backyard.

Dr Geoff Wilson


geoff wilson, wild earth, antarctica, snow



‘Train for a rewarding objective.’


Ship Stern Circuit, Lamington National Park (21km)


The hike takes you along this incredible ridgeline, you’re looking down numerous valleys and it’s just magical. And if you’ve not done any great outdoor walks, this is something to do a little bit of training for. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want longer and longer journeys!

Hot Tip:

Invest in a good pair of shoes, a good backpack… and don’t forget to take a GPS, just in case.

About Geoff:

Dr Geoff Wilson is a multiple world record holder and world-class Polar explorer who’s executed ambitious solo and group expeditions across the world, including in Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland, and the Sahara Desert.

Emily and Alistair Murray


Lisa Owen Pages Pinnacle QLD

Pages Pinnacle | @_thelittleadventurer


‘Hike to the top of the world!’


Pages Pinnacle hike, Gold Coast Hinterland (6.7km return)


It’s a close drive (1hr 15 minutes from Brisbane) and the views of the coastline and sunrise from the top are beautiful. We also love to rock climb in this area. Whether hiking or climbing, we’ve had many fun and memorable days there!

Hot Tip:

Carry your water in a collapsible bottle – the more water you drink, the smaller your pack becomes!

About Emily and Al:

An Australian and English couple, Emily and Al live life on the wild side! Their days out are always adventures, whether it’s climbing, camping, surfing or a multi day hike, and they’ll go rain or shine.

Josh Alford


Josh Alford, wild earth ambassador, south east queensland



‘An adventure the kids will never forget.’


Kondalilla Falls Circuit, Sunshine Coast Hinterland (4km)


This incredibly beautiful track is well-known amongst experienced trail runners and hikers but isn’t often considered by newcomers. It’s an excellent first foray into adventuring off the beaten track, and my number one choice for a family bushwalk.

Hot Tip:

Take a first-aid kit, just in case!

About Josh:

Wild Earth hiking specialist Josh is a former Scout leader and an SES volunteer. He’s an expert at crafting adventures with kids in mind! Josh spends his days off on multi-day hiking and rock-climbing expeditions.

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Feature photo by @outdoorsy_al