The Canon Collective Workshop in Border Ranges National Park was the perfect way for these Explorers to polish up their photography skills in the bush!

‘The Booyong Walk had a lot of birds and also some interesting trees and pathways to photograph. There’s also a small mountain garden at the end which had some nice photo opportunities – people spent a fair bit of time in there. The afternoon light was not as harsh as at 12pm. The light is best at mid-morning and late afternoon.’ – Lisa Owen 

‘My hottest tip would be to look for light even when there is none.’ – Kellie Booth


‘The weekend with Canon Collective and We Are Explorers was amazing. It felt like the whole weekend was tailor-made for every genre of photography that I actually shoot.’ – Chris Sinclaire 


It’s definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a better photographer and has helped me grow professionally.’ – Chris Sinclaire 



‘I learnt more about taking photos of birds in flight. It’s not every day that you get to take photos of wedge-tail eagles or other birds of prey! I hadn’t taken photos of these birds before.’ Samuel Moore 

‘Being largely self-taught, it completely reinvigorated my photography with each and every little tip from the team – from the Lightroom sessions, through to the lighting workshops.’ – Chris Sinclaire

All photos by Greg Sullavan