Each month we feature one of our most valuable Explorers, the lifeblood of the We Are Explorers community. Introducing our wild-swimming Queen, Tiffany Hulm. If there is a little-known wild pool, Tiff will be there. Let’s get to know her…

What’s your day job?

I juggle myself between sales, retail and hospitality to fund my adventures. I’m currently waiting on the next ski season to kick off and shall see out winter as a restaurant supervisor in Thredbo. Seasonal work definitely has its perks – the money is good, the people are great and winter on the slopes is unbeatable!!!!

What got you involved/inspired in the outdoors in the first place? 

Growing up at the foothills of the snowy mountains in Tumbarumba, I am pretty damn lucky to call these rolling hills home. On weekends we would spend our days tubing down the river, jumping off waterfalls and partying around bonfires, so it was hard to stay indoors with so much to explore in the great outdoors.

tiffany hulm explorer of the month van life

What continues to get you out the door to explore?

An experience. Something you can’t predict, surrounded by nature’s best, making memories and always learning… even the question ignites a flame in my heart.

What’s your essential piece of outdoor gear you never adventure without (and why?)

A hat.. (preferably my pink Lack of Colour hat) because it looks so on point paired with some dirty joggers and a tiny pair of sweat shorts! (haha)! But definitely always a hat, we underestimate the power of the Aussie sun and where it can strike – at the tender age of 27 I am already booked in next month to have a skin cancer removed from my scalp. Slap on a hat!!!

tiffany hulm explorer of the month waterfall wild swimming

Where’s your favourite place to microadventure in Australia or NZ?

Wow. Spoilt for choice much?!? The snowy mountains are insanely beautiful all year round, then there is Tasmania which is just a haven for walks, wine and stunning beaches.. but then again ask me again towards the end of the year (once I have been up through the red centre and down the west coast of Aus) and I am already convinced this place will blow my mind. I also kicked off this year with a road trip through the south island of NZ. I am indecisive at the best of times but this question is just too damn hard!!!

Do you prefer solo or with friends? Why?

Friends!! Always! For me, travelling for the past 10 years I generally find that having friends with you makes the good times even better, and the hard times much easier. I am not amazing at being by myself… I talk too much.

tiffany hulm explorer of the month new zealand forest

What camera gear do you use?

GoPro Hero 5 and my very broken and bruised iPhone!

Have you had any disasters on any of your trips? What happened?

Nothing too disasterous but a drive to the snow springs to mind. Last year at the start of the season my partner and I were driving up the Alpine way and perhaps 20 minutes from Thredbo when the snow became so thick we had to pull over and put on our tyre chains. A novice at this we hadn’t realised there were different sizes when purchasing our chains from the hectic Aldi winter sale. So to our devastation they were too small! Meanwhile cozy in the car we hadn’t really dressed for the freezing blizzard-like weather. We attempted to fit the chains in every way, shape and form, then after attempting to even edge a little further and sliding backwards down a scary hill we called it a day. It was just before dark, we were literally frozen and wet from trying to fit the chains and we had no reception. As luck would have it a car finally drove by and took us to Thredbo. We just had to hitch a ride back the next day with the right sized chains. On that note…gosh I love the Aldi winter sale!!

tiffany hulm explorer of the month snowboard snow skiing

Why did you get involved in the Explorer Project?

A friend of a friend. But quite literally, a few years back I met a bunch of incredible guys – ‘The Daring Dynamos’ at a hostel in Turkey, who were riding bicycles around the world to raise money for War Child Syria. It was through these guys that I met Henry and was instantly moved by We Are Explorers. It’s about motivating people to get out, see new things and challenge themselves. To educate, inspire and capture the essence of life. It is more than a community, it’s a way of life and I couldn’t be prouder to be a part of that!

What are you most digging about the Explorer Project?

A network of like-minded inspiring people to engage with, hearing their experiences, being able to communicate and reach out, meet up and even explore together.

tiffany hulm explorer of the month coastal view

So you have to be stranded in a tent with 2 people for 2 days – who would you choose and why?

My partner Sean – It’s a given, but having spent the last three years in each others pockets I couldn’t pick a better partner to inspire, strengthen and spoon me!

David Attenborough – Who wouldn’t want to fall asleep next to one of the most soothing voices and influential explorers of our time.

What Australian native animal were you in a past life?

A cassowary… I have thought long and hard and whilst my family say I am more of Kookaburra (I don’t shut up and I want to be a part of everything) – I went with the eccentric Queensland giant. I figure I’m cool (in a daggy but fabulous way), colourful and bloody crazy…did I mention fruity?!

Tiffany entered the WAE community earlier this year with a BANG! Check out her growing collection of pieces, as well as her website and Instagram. DISCLAIMER: Do so at your own risk- you may become so inspired that you find yourself packing up all your belongings, quitting your job and hitting the road.