Each month we feature one of our most valuable Explorers, the lifeblood of the We Are Explorers community. Introducing our resident mountain mover & ocean groover, Scout Hinchliffe…

So Scout, what’s your day job?

I am a full-time administration wage-slave and although some may think differently, it definitely has it perks! Especially when it comes to micro adventuring. All my weekends are free, paid leave entitlements, the occasional ‘sick’ day and living on the Sunshine Coast makes it easy to have before and after work adventures.

Girraween National Park Scout Hinchliffe

What got you involved/ inspired in the outdoors in the first place?

I have always been outdoorsy. Growing up with 3 brothers and living in a town surrounded by farms and bushland, family camping trips and pig hunting expeditions were usually on the weekend agenda. As I got older I realised that pig hunting was not for me (no surprise really haha!) and I realised that I had no real ‘talent’ so I began running. Which lead me to trail runs, then hikes, then mountain climbing and now I am here, always putting an adventure first because it is what makes me the absolute happiest.

Carnarvon Gorge Scout Hinchliffe

What’s your essential piece of outdoor gear you never adventure without (and why?)

A daypack. Having recently upgraded to a Camelback it has become a prized possesion! I feel like an adventurous Mary Poppins. Although I cannot pull out lampshades and mirrors it certainly has what seems like never ending space for all the essential goodies. Spare undies? Check. Camera? Check. Snacks? Check. Medipack? Yes. Hammock? Yes. 3.5L of water? You betcha!!!

Scout Hinchliffe

Where’s your favourite place to microadventure in Australia?

Having such a vast landscape it is hard to pick out a favourite!! Each place I go to is just as mind blowing as the next. But, spots with the best campervan camping are probably my ‘favourite’. Oh and I love a good hike!

Do you prefer solo or with friends? Why?

Umm, I do not have really a preference. With nature being an endless source of rejuvenation, I often go on solo adventures to recharge and ‘escape’. But getting a group together for a few good belly laughs around a campfire is always going to be an unreal time!

What camera gear do you use?

We shoot with a Canon 70D and a GoPro.

Scout Hinchliffe

Have you had any disasters on any of your trips? What happened?

We were exploring through the remote Kroombit Tops in our AWD VW campervan and came across a ‘shortcut’ that was signed 4WD access only. Albeit having no clearance, road tyres and no spare, no CV radio, NO 4WD and not another car in sight, we took it on. The ‘shortcut’ was straight down the side of the mountain, so incredibly steep with crevasses, holes, creek crossings, branches blocking the track and there was a complete drop off on the left side of the track. It was beyond stressful and certainly was the quietest card ride EVER. Thankfully it was not as disastrous as it could have been. But it definitely was so close!

Scout Hinchliffe

What’s your dream adventure in Australia and/ or NZ?

Travelling all over Australia with no plans and no timeframe! Ben and I have our hearts set on making this a reality within the next year or so actually.

Why did you get involved in the Explorer Project?

To put it simply, I love to inspire people to become outdoorsy and fall in love with our incredible backyard.

scout hinchliffe sunflowers

So you have to be stranded in a tent with 2 people for 2 days – who would you choose and why? (Could be dead or alive, real or fictional).

Inspector Gadget. His trench coats endless supply of gadgets would keep us entertained the entire time I am sure and who knows he just may be able to whip out a Mexican feast too!

A Masseuse. Because seriously, who does not LOVE a good massage?  I can never seem to squeeze an appointment in though so there is no better opportunity really!

Scout Hinchliffe

What Australian native animal were you in a past life?

I would have to be the Sugar Glider. Like them, I am small, quirky, very active and adventurous. We are both so curious about the world around us, long for new experiences in life and get bored with routine fairly quickly. And did I say cute? haha!

Scout is long-time faithful WAE contributor. Check out her massive portfolio of articles here, as well as her website Salty Summits and her Instagram @girlscout__.