Some of you may have seen the smoke signals last week, but for those that didn’t, The Explorer Challenge is upon us. With risk of repeating myself, please click here for a brief run down on what the chuff it’s all about.

Essentially, this summer is going to be the best since time started ticking. Fact. That’s because each of us are constructing some form of ridiculous adventure somewhere in NSW that’ll create an experience we’re not going to be forgetting anytime soon. Queue the smug grins. Collectively this means we’re slowly developing a new world order of rabid adventure wolves, thirsty for mountain gin and wilderness tonic.

I’ve contacted over 100 friends, colleagues, vagabonds and photographers from all walks of life across NSW in the hope of getting you all involved. Some of you have even been legendary enough to share the concept with your own chums and chumettes – that is absolutely awesome and I’m very thankful for all your support.

Some quirky ideas already being laid down include:

  • Riding the Colo River on a Lilo // Nathan
  • The Search for the Sunrise Kangaroo // Matt
  • Road Tripping to Byron Bay // Amanda & Jimmy
  • 4×4 Adventure (with kids) // Ruari
  • Climb to the Summit of Mt Kosciuszko // Paddy
  • Jazz Rave in a Vineyard // Mike

Superb and suitably wacky ideas – magnificent.

As this excitement growls and momentum follows, the challenge of reaching at least 100 people and 100 fresh adventures around NSW becomes ever more possible. Can we together uncover and map out weekend getaways like none other? I hope so.

Don’t forget to #weareexplorersNSW before, during and après your trip.

Love, peace and bicycle grease