As part of the Head On Photography Festival, The Tree Project brings the worlds tallest flowering trees to Sydney.

Did you know that Tasmania is home to the largest flowering tree in the world (99.8m), the mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans)? Well fear not, neither did we. The Tree Project team brings much-needed awareness to these globally significant tree by creating the worlds first complete distortion free portrait of an ancient Mountain Ash.

It was done by using innovative arboreal rigging techniques that suspend cameras in the free space between the trees, travelling the entire vertical height recording a set of photos every metre. These shots (87 in total) were blended by hand to reveal one individual tree in all it arboristic slendour for the very first time.

The Tree Projects was founded by a husband and wife team, photographer Steven Pearce and canopy ecologist Dr Jennifer Sanger. “We hope to change the way people think about the typical forest landscape bringing their imaginations to what adventure, exploration and academic pathways are available above the ground”.

The exhibition has travelled to Sydney from The Tasmanian Museum & Art Gallery via exhibits at the Royal Society of Victoria and The National Arboretum in Canberra. Gala opening event was on Friday 19 May 6-8pm with an extended artist talk Saturday 20 May 3-4pm

mountain ash tree tasmania