Every month or so, we bring together our swash-buckling community to celebrate the spirit of adventure in an inner-city warehouse. 

It’s an intimate monthly gathering of like-minded city dwellers who crave the great outdoors, good old-fashioned story-telling and free beer. It’s a collective effort that breathes life into each event, with She Went Wild on drums, Bear Rentals on bass and Borja on vocals. We’re still trying to figure what we bring to the table.

All profits go to People Outdoors, a wonderful charity who help people with physical or intellectual disabilities get into the wild.

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Think having kids means pulling the plug on adventures and settling down for good? The Jonesys had other ideas…

Towing a trailer as they walked, Justin and Lauren Jones embarked on an 1800km trek across the Australian outback with their 1 year old. Why? Making a life worth living and learning through nature were big motivators – but it’s possible that Justin’s head just got a bit too cold and wet on his previous adventures (kayaking from Aus to NZ and skiing to the South Pole).

That might explain the choice to hike somewhere hot and dry as well! Come on down to hear the story first hand.


6pm, Thursday 30th May 2019


Adventure Merchants Store

63 Sydenham Road, Marrickville, New South Wales, 2038

How Much?

20 bucks!


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AdventureTales 6 Adrian Mascenon

Past Events

Adventure Tales 6 // Caroline Pemberton

“From Miss Australia to Miss Adventure”

Adventure Tales Caroline Pemberton

Adventure Tales 5 // Frank Gazzola

Left behind his corporate life to pursue his dream of becoming an expedition photographer.

adventure tales franck gazzola

Adventure Tales 4 // Jonathan Gibson

From Sydney to London on a motorcycle.

adventure tales jonathan gibson

Adventure Tales 3 // Jeremy Platt and Constance Titterton

Spent 4 months traversing 1700km’s of New Zealand’s South Island on an slef-made, inspector gadget style packscooter.

adventure tales jeremy and constance

Adventure Tales 2 // Clare Dunn

Clare swapped up her desk job for 1 year re-wilding herself in the Aussie bush; hunting, gathering, shelter building.

Adventure Tales Claire Dunn

Adventure Tales 1 // Josh Stinton

A man who has devoted his life to pursuing the world wackiest challenges to raise money for meaningful charities.
Adventure Tales Josh Stinton