Unyoked offer off-grid wilderness escapes in tiny houses. Switch off and get back to your roots on one of this unique experiences within a stone’s throw of Sydney.

We are too connected.

You can argue against it but the typical person has an average of 5 social media accounts, essentially drowning in a vortex of digitalised information that’s thrusted further by emails, phone calls, text messages, whatsapp, skype…

Disconnecting yourself from ‘things’ is fast becoming an increasingly necessary (and popular) part of modern life. Disconnecting gives us time to recharge, be it for a day, a weekend or more; opening up an escape door for us all to plunge into.

So how do we truly disconnect? There’s a new solution out there in Australia…get Unyoked.

unyoked tiny house

For good reason, the tiny house movement is on the rise around the world. Unyoked started as a personal project for Chris and Cam, a weekend escape from Sydney and the demanding day jobs that came with it.  A deep seated love for the outdoors and the off-grid concept of tiny houses lead them both to launching Unyoked. The concept was simple; it’s all about bringing peace, balance and adventure into your day to day life.

I was invited to experience it for myself recently, and I grabbed it by the horns.

It sounds almost too simple, but disconnecting is easier said than done. Luckily the process is gradual and a journey in and of itself. You first leave the tarmac, passing the last of the houses and buildings on the dirt trail, forced to slow down a little. Next you reach the end of the trail and park the car, the last part of the journey – although short – is on foot.

Even without noticing it I slowing stripped back all the things that connected me to the digital reality. This had only occurred to me once I had been in the cabin for a while, a result of Unyoked’s deciding factors in picking the locations for their tiny houses. In offering an escape free from distractions, nothing man made is able to be seen or heard from the cabin. No power lines, no buildings, no cars, no people.

unyoked tiny house

unyoked tiny house

The lack of distractions and minimalist design of the tiny house is perfect not only to relax, but to focus and inspire you. Whether you’re a student studying for an exam or musician looking for space to inspire creativity, an off grid escape is the perfect haven. For the more adventurous, there’s plenty of native bush land to explore right outside your door, and even a waterfall that can only be reached from the cabin.

This is not camping, but it’s not a 5 star hotel with room service either. The wake-up call is a toss up between the sun or a native wildlife outside. You’ll get the comfortable bed, fresh towels, a warm shower, a fridge, gas stove and even the kitchen sink, but it’s the ‘intangible amenities’ that crank this experience way past the 5 star rating.

So where is it then? Well that’s something you only get to find out the day before you check in, just to keep things interesting.

It all sounds too good right? If you haven’t already jumped the gun and started packing your bags you might want to check out UnYoked for some finer details and to book yourself in for a weekend away. House #2 is almost ready to open its doors as well!

unyoked tiny house