The beauty of weekends in Brisbane is that you can easily escape without driving hours on end to do so. Jacquie’s fallen in love with being able to leave the week’s stresses in the city as she drives towards a beautiful, tranquil place, like Mount Barney. Putting up the tent and then setting off to explore what that countryside has to offer.


  • Multitude of water holes
  • Surrounded by mountain ranges and bushland
  • Only 1hr 20 mins away from Brisbane city
  • Option of camping grounds with or without facilities
  • Amazing sunsets and sunrises

The Lowdown

We set up camp at the Mt Barney lodge Country Retreat, under some huge gum trees and right next to a fire pit. To one side there was Mt Maroon with one peak high in the pink, purple and blue sun setting sky. Then there is Mt Barney in all its glory right in front of us. With rugged ridges and high peaks bare of trees, I believe it would be a hike well worth the effort.

The managers of the property are so welcoming and easy going. Straight away giving us tips on the best walks and water holes to explore in the area. Some of the walks I have never heard of and definitely haven’t read about in my research. Local knowledge will be the way to discover areas secret little gem.

Just a short walk away from the campgrounds was a water hole. Above it was a lot of boulders and rocks that water flowed over beautifully. Tall trees surrounded us, creating a lovely canopy making the location feel isolated and peaceful. There was a rope swing and a very impressive split boulder that we were swinging and jumping off.

Relaxing Away The Day By Mt Barney

The second waterhole we visited was near the start of the hike up Mt Barney. As this is the same river we were swimming in before, it looks quite similar. The only difference being there was more sunshine exposed as the trees were cleared near the river and more rocks upstream for the water to cascade over. It was so relaxing to swim and float around, with no one else around, it was like our own private waterhole.

I felt like I only scratched the surface of what Mt Barney National Park area has to offer. You can spend a day hiking up Mt Barney and Mt Maroon as well. There is an abundance of walks/hikes that take you to waterfalls to swim. If only I had a couple of weeks off work to spend exploring this area.

Essential Gear

Depending on what sort of camping you want to tackle will decide what gear you need. If you go to the camping ground, there are showers and toilets available. You will just need your own tent; a public BBQ is available as well or just bring your own cooking gear. If you decide to go a bit more remote and camp in the National park you will need tent, torch, water, hiking shoes, gear for cooking etc.

How To Get There

From Brisbane Mt Barney is about 1hr 30mins away. Map location here.


  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Photography
  • Camping
  • Camp fires
  • Wildlife


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