10 easy-to-forget essential items you’ll need for an epic weekend adventure.

Quite frankly, my experiences out exploring the Australian outdoors is just a lengthy track record of continually forgetting one (or more) of the essential items required for the trip.

It’s true. Without word of a lie I have embarked on camping trips forgetting my tent, sleeping bag, mattress, clothing, camera…you name it, I’ve forgotten it!

Luckily, humans are ingenious characters who can always improvise (and we all love a good story). Not all of us enjoy skinning cows to replace a forgotten sleeping bag though; there are certain items that should never be left off your packing list.

I’ve learned the hard way for you, so here are the must-haves to ensure a smooth microadventure away.

# 1 Bug Spray Or Repellent

When summer awaken, so do the mozzies. Your blood may be quite palatable to a swarm of mosquitoes, so pack a spray to keep them at bay.

# 2 Camera Memory Card

It’s been done. If you’re packing a camera, just check you have the most important part of it.

# 3 Tarp

Multi-purpose object that can break wind around the camp, provide extra insulation under your tent, keep dew off anything overnight plus fold down to nothing. I met a hitchhiker in Alaska who lived in one, they’re that good. Pack a few.

# 4 Chargers

Almost everything is USB charged these days, so a cigarette lighter charger (dual port) is really useful, especially for the final burst home to keep the tunes running.

# 5 Water / Water Purification Tablets

I once walked 25km of the Mornington Peninsula National Park beach on a thirty-six degree day, with one litre of water. If I had some purification tablets, I could have had a lot more water!

# 6 First Aid Kit

In Australia this summer? Don’t be stupid. Include a snake bite bandage too and know how to use one. And don’t wait for Russell Coight to teach you how to use it.

# 7 Deck Of Cards

The ultimate camping staple. Games like 31, Golf, Danish, and of course Texas Hold ‘em are all classics for around a fire guaranteed to round off a quality day of exploring.

# 8 Pocket Knife

Versatile and compact. If you want the best camping stick around the fire you’ll need this!

# 9 Toilet Tickets

Sure beats using bark….

and last, yet not least..

# 10 Mates

Easily the most crucial ingredient for an awesome microadventure away (unless you’re intending to get some solo time of course). Seriously, no matter what you take away with you, the quality of the adventure lays in the quality of your companions.

Live hard, explore wild places, make memories, and don’t get home until it’ll make work difficult the next day!