If your New Year’s resolution involves doubling down on adventure then you’ve got to make your leave work smarter, not harder. Here’s how to optimise your leave and public holidays in 2023.


If the first day back at work for 2023 already had you Googling ‘best multi day hikes around Australia’ then you best be in the know about how to get the most out of your public holidays this year. 

Some public holidays will differ from state to state, but the big ones are almost all the same. Let’s dive in!


Book leave on: 27th

We’ve already barrelled through the first week (and public holiday) of the year, but that doesn’t mean summer adventures are over and done with. 

This year, Invasion Day (Australia Day public holiday) lands on Thursday 26th of January, which means taking just one day of leave on Friday 27th of January will get you four days off in a row. Now that’s just good maths. 

1 day of leave = 4 days off in January!

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Soak up that summer sun!


Book leave on: 3rd – 6th or 11th – 14th and 24th

Easter is always a great time to take a break. After a strong start to the work year, April rocks around and you’re ready to escape to nature again. 

This year, Easter falls on the second weekend in April; Friday 7th to Monday 10th. 

Of course, a four day weekend could be enough for ya, but take four days of leave – either 3rd to 6th of April or 11th to 14th of April – and you’ve got yourself ten days off for the price of four! Now that’s a lot of adventure time. 

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Did someone say road trip?


Come the end of April and ANZAC Day is here again, this time on Tuesday 25th of April. You know what that means – take a day off on Monday 24th and you’ll be living the four day weekend dream once again. 

5 days of leave = 14 days off in April!


Book leave on: 9th or 13th or 13th – 16th

The now King’s Birthday public holiday falls for most states, except WA and QLD, on Monday 12th of June. Take off Friday 9th of June or Tuesday 13th of June and you’ve landed another four day weekend – do the good times ever end? 

Craving a solid mid-year break? Take the rest of the week in leave for a sweet nine days off!

1 day of leave = 4 days off in June!


4 days of leave = 9 days off in June!

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Time to head to the mountains


Book leave on: Sept 29th or Oct 3rd or 3rd – 6th

For most states, except NT, TAS, and VIC, Monday 2nd of October is another public holiday, either as Labour Day or the King’s Birthday.

You know what to do; take the Friday or Tuesday for a weekender-extender, or take the whole rest of the week – Tuesday the 3rd to Friday the 6th to gain nine days off for the price of four. Cha-ching! 

1 day of leave = 4 days off in October!


4 days of leave = 9 days off in October!

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Is there any better time for hiking than spring??


Book leave on: 27th, 28th, 29th

I know I know, a bit early to be thinking about Christmas again already – but it’s never too early to think about holidays! 

This year, Christmas Day and Boxing Day fall on a Monday and Tuesday, which means taking just three days off – December 27th, 28th, and 29th – will get you ten days off in a row (including the public holiday for New Year’s Day 2024 – OK maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves now). 

3 days of leave = 10 days off in December!

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Maxo Summer Relaxo


You’ve got more time off than you think, so don’t squander it, get out there and wander it!