Need a great story to tell your work colleagues on a Monday morning? How about  travelling the seas to explore an island on your Sunday. Well ok, maybe not the seas, but catching the ferry across Moreton Bay sea water to Moreton Island is still pretty cool.


  • Epic sand dunes
  • Close proximity to Brisbane
  • Quiet beach locations
  • Crystal clear water

The Lowdown

We are so lucky in Brisbane to have so many islands so close, and not just any islands, but stunning, adventure filled islands!

Sunday morning a group of girlfriends and I met at the Port of Brisbane, Moreton Island Ferries, hopping on the ferry which cost $45 return each. It took 75 minutes to arrive at our Sunday adventure location.

Walking off the barge we weren’t 100% sure on where to go or what to do, but we were all hungry. So we trekked along the beach down to Tangalooma resort beach, set up a picnic under a couple of palm trees and enjoyed a bit of the beautiful day slowly going by.

Day Trip to Moreton Island (QLD) Jacquie Tapsall beach, ocean

People were going for a swim, snorkelling, paddle boarding and quad biking. It’s a popular holidaying area, but unique as there aren’t that many people as there is beach and island, which makes it a great place to explore and easy to find your own quiet spot.

After we were refuelled and ready to explore, we walked back along the inland 4WD roads to where the barge dropped us off at the massive sand dunes. You know something is huge when it’s just as big as you remember from when you were a kid. Climbing the sand dune was a mission, but well worth it for the view. Also for the speedy ride down on the boogie board, which ended with us tumbling off near the end, sand covering every part of our bodies.

Between constantly climbing and riding back down the sand dune and going for a swim in the crystal clear water the day flew by. At 4.30pm the barge arrived to take us back to Brisbane, with a beautiful sunset to see us home.

Day Trip to Moreton Island (QLD) Jacquie Tapsall palm tree

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Essential Gear 

    • Boogie board
    • Togs
    • Camera
    • Sunscreen
    • Camping equipment (if you decided to stay overnight)
    • Food
    • Phone (maps etc)

How To Get There 

Drive to the Port of Brisbane (out past the gateway bridge), to the Moreton Island Ferry terminal (Map here), about 30mins from Brisbane city.

TIP: book your ticket for the Ferry online before you arrive so it’s easy to just present to the ticket guy on the ferry and board straight away.


  • Camping
  • 4wd
  • Quad biking
  • Sand duning
  • Swimming
  • Snorkelling
  • SUP boarding
  • Fishing
  • Photography




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