Not so big on clubbing but love a club banger? Maybe you should take to the skies! That’s what the hooligans from Eat The Beat did when they shoved 5 Italian DJs, a set of decks, speakers, 2 videographers and a pilot into a hot air balloon and launched into the air.

After two failed attempts due to poor weather, the crew finally made their dream a reality and floated above the crisp Yarra Valley last Wednesday. It was a far cry from their normal haunt at club New Guernica, but the DJs quickly settled in and lit up the sky with pumping original mixes.

‘The hardest part was fitting the whole crew into the basket, it was pretty tight!’  said videographer Ain Raadik.

With two people filming, innovative GoPro attachments and Ben Savage on the drone, the crew captured the whole set for your listening pleasure. We reckon it’s perfect for the TV at your next house party.

The pilot, Eddie Saunders from Global Ballooning Australia, was stoked to be involved.

‘He’s keen as to try wacky stuff and push the limits with ballooning,’ said Ain.

Early start or the ultimate kick on? You be the judge.


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