If there’s one waterfall you should break that rule for and go chase it’s this one. 

Quick Overview

Crystal Shower Falls is a breathtaking waterfall located in the Dorrigo National Park in New South Wales.The drive to Crystal Shower Falls should take around 1 hour from Coffs Harbour.


Crystal Shower Falls in the definition of lush. Would you take a look at those shades of green?

The falls have been closed in order to undergo some much-needed repairs on the walking track – because the track goes behind the falls. Did we mention that part? Oh yeah, you can literally walk behind the falls, through the cavernous cliff face behind it and look through the water to the outside. 

But don’t fret! The track is all fixed up and the falls have reopened, just in time for some serious summer adventures. 

Located in Dorrigo National Park around 1.5hr drive from Coffs Harbour, these falls are a perfect day trip microadventure. A leisurely walk through rainforest will drop you right off at the falls. Easy-peasey. The hardest part will be stopping yourself from swan-diving straight into that glorious pool below.


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