Yeah, you read that right. Jimmy Stanton-Cooke and Jess Clarke are the dynamic duo behind Halfcut, a not-for-profit saving our planet’s precious rainforests, one beard and braid at a time.

Since 2011, Halfcut has helped protect over 20 million acres of rainforest globally and up to 48,000 acres in Australia’s far North QLD. Achieved by the hard work of passionate, hair-giving, unpaid volunteers and everyday activists, we’re backing what Jimmy and Jess’s hairy campaigns are on about!  

How Does Hair Save The Rainforest?

Do you have a beard to grow or braids to plait? Keen to join the war on deforestation? This August you can start your own rainforest protection campaign by signing up to Halfcut! Ask loved ones, your local barista, work colleagues plus friends to support beard growth or braid wearing via donations and sponsorships. Then prepare for Halfcut Day, Saturday 31st August, the last day of winter and the campaign’s almighty crescendo.

Lucky participants go Halfcut for the entire weekend, shaving one side of their beards, wearing a half head of braids, or any other quirky ‘half’ statement to visually represent the current state of the world’s rainforests, 50% of which have been deforested. Yikes! Our rainforests are disappearing fast but with this unique campaign they might just have a chance.

This Couple’s Using Beards And Braids To Save The World’s Rainforests, Jimmy Stanton-Cook, rainforest, beard

It’s a weird and wonderful idea, but it’s working! Jimmy and Jess rock the Halfcut look 365 days of the year, keeping ‘conservation’ conversation buzzing! They’re also working with a number of local craft breweries who’ll be supporting Halfcut Day by tapping Karma Kegs across Aus for the final weekend of August.

All funds from the campaign raised are donated directly to the Rainforest Trust – a trust focused on the purchase and protection of tropical lands to strategically conserve threatened species worldwide. On average, 1 acre of rainforest is protected per $2.50 donated, donations are also matched dollar for dollar, to achieve double impact and save double the forest! 




This Couple’s Using Beards And Braids To Save The World’s Rainforests, Jess Clark, rainforest, braids