This October and November We Are Explorers will be focusing on trail running. We’ll be looking at the how, why, what and where of running in the bush in Aus and NZ. From lush gullies to windswept mountain heaths, we want to celebrate this epic sport – but we need your help…

We Are Explorers is written by you, the everyday Explorer. Contributors aren’t always pro photographers, writers & videographers (though many have scored side gigs since their involvement in The Explorer Project). They’re just passionate adventurers keen to share the stoke.

If you’re into trail running on any level we’d love to hear from you for this feature month! We might even be hooking up with some big trail running brands for paid partnerships, gear to review and some awesome events that you could get involved with! Check out what we crafted for Climbing Month earlier in the year.

Here’s what we’re after:

  • Trail Running microadventures & best locations to run in Australia and New Zealand
  • Knowledge – what you learnt when you started running, gear to buy first, tips to run better and get less injured
  • Inspirational stories (or funny ones), interviews with trail running personalities, any other aspect of running culture.


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Feature photo by asoggetti on Unsplash