Girraween National Park in Southern Queensland has always been one of Alex’s favourite places to shoot. Its stunning landscapes and unique photo opportunities definitely make it worth the drive from Brisbane.


  • Incredible huge landscapes with stunning views
  • Unique photo opportunities
  • Dark skies and astrophotography
  • Challenging walks and rock climbing, plenty of activities to fill a weekend

The Lowdown

On this particular adventure, I set out with 2 of my good mates @jesslowis and @benleodavis just after midday hoping to catch the sunset from on top of the pyramid, one of the highlights of the park.

We arrived around 4.00pm, and with the sun rapidly setting we gathered up our gear, including tents and camping gear, and began the hike up the pyramid.giraween national park henry brydon qld

What we didn’t anticipate was the sheer size of this pyramid, and the steep exposed rock face to get to the top. By the time we had regained our breath, the sun had set and the stars had come out to play.

Considering the area’s remoteness, the stars up there were absolutely out of this world (excuse the pun); would highly recommend doing astrophotography out here. One of the landmarks of the park, and indeed the region is ‘balancing rock’, a huge granite rock balancing precariously on top of the pyramid.

giraween national park henry brydon qld

The next morning at around 4.00am we woke up surrounded by a sea of fog, literally above the clouds. A sight to behold, and a morning to remember.

It was a short adventure, just over 24 hours, but it was a nice escape from monotony and a special place that definitely needs to be experienced! Only 3 hours from Brisbane, an easy drive and definitely a good weekend trip if you are looking for something a bit different.giraween national park henry brydon qld

Essential Gear

  • Warm clothes (it gets very cold and windy on the exposed pyramid)
  • Head torch
  • Tent and camping gear

How To Get There

Girraween is situated approximately 260 km by road south-west of Brisbane. To reach the park, turn off the New England Highway 26km south of Stanthorpe or 30km north of Tenterfield. The winding bitumen road continues a further 9km east through the Wyberba Valley to the park information centre.


  • Swimming in waterholes
  • Bushwalking and rock climbing
  • Day-time and night-time photography
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Camping

Skill Level

Beginner to Intermediate. There are flat graded walks suitable to all skill levels, but the climb to the top of the pyramid itself is quite challenging!

Distance / Elevation

7km return/200m elevation gain (roughly)


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