• Abseiling into the Megalong Valley
  • Not dying
  • Topping out some incredible climbs
  • Making friends with like-minded adventurers

Step 1. Make friends with people who know “stuff” (If you don’t have any l would start with looking in your local indoor climbing gym). Specifically, this stuff should be related to outdoor climbing and how to tie a good knot.

Step 2. Get your hands on a Megalong rope

Step 3. Don’t pay any attention when your so called friends start talking about abseiling into the valley rather than walking in or you just might not get out of the car

“Reservoir Dogs” Crag sits just below the imperial Hydro Majestic hotel overlooking the Megalong valley. Multi-pitch sport climbing is the name of the game with a side of abseiling to kick off the adventure.

Those “friends who know stuff” I mentioned early should be super supportive as they watch you lower yourself into the abyss of the Megalong Valley. Hopefully one of those friends will know how to tie a good knot and take happy snaps of what you think are the final moments of your very short life, just like mine did. Maybe having never abseiled before, you might begin to think your exploring is taking on new heights, but trust me, this is just the beginning! Once at the base of the valley it’s time to come straight back up again! That’s the gist of climbing right, going up?

The climbs are graded between 15 and 21 which provides an opportunity for almost any climber to give it a crack. “There’s no place I would rather be” will quickly become your most frequent thought of the day as you make your way through multiple attempts and several successful ascents of the crag. “I don’t tip”, “Let’s get a Taco” and “Bohemiath” are just some of your challenges for the day which you won’t likely forget in a hurry.

Becoming comfortable climbing outside isn’t as easy as all the climbing pages on Instagram make it look. If you are new to climbing like me, try not to take yourself and your climbing ability/inability so seriously. This is the lesson well learnt during your day in the sun, having fun with friends – who know stuff!

Physically climbing a vertical wall 40m high out of a valley calls for a reward and there is non better than the view of the Megalong valley at sunset. Just because you climbed back out of the valley it doesn’t mean the adventure has to end, right? Don’t forget to stop for some local cheese and ginger beer (the alcoholic kind) on your way back through Katoomba and then onto a celebratory “I could have died today but didn’t and had the best day ever” burger at Mary’s in Newtown to round out one hell of a micro-adventure!

Essential Gear

  • 1x 60m Rope to abseil in on
  • 1x 60m rope to climb with
  • 8x quick draws and bolt plates if you clean your route and climb it in multi-pitches
  • Hat & Sunscreen
  • Portable speaker for turning the crag into a dance party

How to get there

Reservoir Dog’s crag is located in Medlow Bath in the Blue Mountains National Park. To find the crag follow the track down from Belgravia St past a circular sunbath to a clifftop path which you follow around to the left. From here the path goes in around a wooded gully then back out towards the cliff. It swings left with a thicket of banksias on the right. Where these start to open out there is an old indistinct set of man-made boulder like steps heading down to the cliff edge. On the right there is a sloping gully with fixed hangers to abseil into the valley off.


  • Multi-pitch sport climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Hiking
  • Photography
  • Dancing on a vertical rock face- it can be done!

Skill Level

Beginners – Expert, keeping in mind a beginner will need guidance and instruction on rope safety and setup

Distance covered

40 vertical meters