What will you be doing for Clean Up Australia Day? In one small anecdote, high school teacher Yasmin Maher reminds us of our responsibility to keep Australia clean.

What’s a ‘real Australian’?

Today in class we examined representations of Australia and Australians and asked the year 8’s to talk about what they thought a ‘real Australian’ was. We are a coastal school and we are quite diverse so I was expecting some pretty awesome answers.

“An Australian is someone who gives a shit about stuff.”

One of the kids sat there quietly, mulling over his reply. When it was his turn, he brazenly stated, “an Australian is someone who gives a shit about stuff.”

I choked on my coffee, politely told him to watch his language and asked him to clarify.

“Well, you know miss” he thoughtfully and sincerely said, “like what Kelly Slater said with all his greeny shit. Real Australians care about Australia.” I simultaneously thought FML and you little rippa.yasmin maher clean up australia day

This weekend, Sunday the 5th March is Clean Up Australia Day.

Will you join the hundreds of thousands of individuals in events across the country? There are 6012 clean up sites registered so if you are feeling Australian, why not go along to an event near you?

Just type in your postcode and you’re set to go. It’s also a fantastic excuse to get out to your favourite special place, have a BBQ, clean up the area and be the ‘real Australians’ our young people know we are. All you need is some garbage bags, gloves and a positive attitude. The feeling you get of “giving a shit” is incredibly soul affirming.

Be awesome.

Cleaning up our country and being involved in community rewards you with a sense of pride and belonging. It also makes you awesome.
yasmin maher clean up australia day

Head to the Clean up Australia Day website here to find event in your area and sign up for your ticket to be awesome.