Chasing Waterfalls // Kangaroo Valley (NSW)

Descending into Kangaroo Valley feels like entering an historical realm where tranquility reigns and mobile phones probably haven’t been invented yet. This is even more the case if you descend via Belmore Falls and use your rope skills to wind further down the valley to the little-visited second stage of the waterfall. 


  • Untouched wilderness
  • Escape the crowds
  • Amazing waterfalls

The Lowdown

Belmore Falls in the north-eastern corner of the Morton National Park is a stunning two tiered waterfall (the first tier being 90m) lies within Kangaroo Valley but is best reached by a short drive from the charming Southern Highlands town of Robertson.

In recent years the old track to the base of Belmore Falls has seen an increasing number of people on it and the main falls are no longer the quiet retreat they once were.

I’m always looking for somewhere new and exciting, somewhere away from the tourists and somewhere rarely visited. We’d been exploring the creek below the main falls more and more over the past few years and set out early one Saturday morning with the intention of reaching the two twin ‘junction’ falls.

The fifteen to twenty minute hike down the cliff line to the base of the first falls is on an easy and now well-worn trail. After crossing over the creek the trail soon disappears and we followed the bracken fern-covered ridge line south through an amazing rainforest-like environment full of towering trees and vines until we reached the cliff above the creek junction.

The Second Stage Of Belmore Falls

From here we set the ropes up and after a short abseil and some scrambling down a steep gully we were back on the creek where we could drop our bags and spend a few hours exploring.

The size of the falls was a surprise. From the top they are unassuming but from the bottom they are an inspiring view. The imposing height and multiple cascades look like something straight out of Jurassic Park; a very worthwhile adventure if you are up for it.

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How To Get There

Essential Gear Required

Besides the obvious first aid kit and personal beacon (safety first) some good hiking boots, ropes, harness and helmet (more safety) are required.


  • Swimming
  • Photography

Skill Level

Intermediate (if you’ve had ropes experience)

Why not join us on one of our Wilderness Escapes if you need some tips on the basics or want to find an exploration buddy.


From the car park, 5km return/350m

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