Matt Evans is a NSW based photographer who set himself an alternative Explorer Challenge that would push most people’s patience buttons just that little too far. Matt’s also a perseverer though, and it paid off with stunning results. Here’s Matt’s challenge story:

Being fairly new to photography, to try and immerse myself into it I set myself the goal to shoot the sunrise every morning last year in what became my ‘Sunny Side Up Project’, about half way in I was contacted by Henry from We are Explorers about setting myself a side challenge for his NSW explorer challenge, with the idea to showcase that there is more to NSW than just Sydney. Which I thought was a great idea, since I was originally from country NSW and now living in Sydney.

So I set myself the challenge to try and find a kangaroo to shoot in one of my sunrise sessions. I was originally planning on trying to find one on a beach, because they can be easier to shoot as they’re used to having humans around, and in the country they’re very skittish and quickly hop away. I never ended up getting to the spot on the beach at Potato Point I had in mind, so I just kept on waiting and hoping I’d come across some one morning.

As the months quickly went by I thought I had no chance and was going to let Henry down, and over the Christmas break was going to be my last chance. I was in Bathurst over that time and on the 23rd of Dec, I went out to a spot at Brewongle. I’d been there once before and thought I might have a chance. It was drizzling rain and i’d grabbed a few shots of this lone tree in a field I liked, a few sheep were there grazing, but no kangaroos. I had just hopped in my car and was reversing out of a driveway when all of a sudden I noticed this gathering of 5 big kangaroos. I quickly pulled back in and grabbed my camera and went over to the nearest fence while trying not to scare them, they all stopped and looked down at me for a few seconds, before quickly hopping away. My camera wasn’t really set up at the time for firing off shots at anything fast moving, but I just managed to make a couple of tweaks and fire a few shots off before they all disappeared over the horizon.

Stopping and checking me out

It certainly turned that drab wet morning into something quite special.

Then if that wasn’t enough, the next morning I went out, to Mount Panorama, and I spotted 3 more, which happily posed for me for a few seconds as the sun came breaking through the clouds.

Silhouette line up on Mount Panorama

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