Hidden Cave Camping // Girraween National Park (QLD)

Take a hop, skip and jump southwest of Brisbane and you’ll find yourself in some intriguing country. For starters, cave camping at the base of The Pyramid in Girraween National Park makes for a pretty unique ‘night out’.


  • Scenic hike
  • Day and night photo opportunities
  • Rock scrambling fun
  • Camp in a cave!

The Lowdown

Girraween National Park offers various hikes and climbs for all skill levels. I recommend spending a good couple of days exploring this beautiful region on the NSW/Queensland border, there is far too much to explore in just one afternoon!

A couple of mates and I had planned a hike into a private little cave on the western side of the First Pyramid for a spot of cave camping. A spontaneous aligning of free time was laid out in front of us and we couldn’t resist, even with the cold temperatures.

Cave Camping

Cave Camping Girraween National Park Riley Kruck Cave Interior, torchlight, cave, camping

We arrived in the car park around 5pm for an approximately 5:45pm arrival at the cave. There is a pre-built fireplace, which is a welcoming thing when the temperature is plummeting. A quick camp setup, hot dinner and we were almost ready to hit the sack…but the night sky was calling! A quick walk from the cave onto the face of The Pyramid is a really special sight.

The next morning we walked down the creek and followed it back to the main track. This required a fair bit of bush bashing but was totally worth it for the scenic views of the creek.

Essential Gear

  • Sleeping gear, WARM sleeping bag
  • Food, water, snacks
  • Cooking gear
  • Camera (Why not join us on one of our Photography Wilderness Escapes to get the most out of your photos?)
  • Plastic bag for your rubbish.

How To Get There



From Brisbane head west through Willow Bank and continue southwest. You will end up in Stanthorpe, which is just a short drive from Girraween National Park.

Once you arrive in the day area car park you follow the tracks to First Pyramid . You go up all the stairs and once you hit the base of the boulder you swing a left and head around the side of it. The cave is located at the bottom of the boulder and you can’t miss it if you just take a left and follow the base of the rock.


  • Rock scrambling
  • Hiking
  • Cave camping
  • Exploring
  • Photography
  • Bird Watching

Skill Level



4km round trip.


It’s 45 minute walk to the cave.


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