Packing up and taking off an adventure around our beautiful, diverse country; we have no doubt that this is topping the list for many of the We are Explorers community.

But…what if you had no phone, no wallet or cash and a week to get around Australia and to Far North Queensland? Still topping the list?

Red Bull is sending over 100 university students to do just that; make it around Australia using only cans of Red Bull as currency in the adventure of a life time.

Thirty-five teams will start in cities across Australia, with one week and one goal – to see if they can make it. As a team of three, you will have to visit six checkpoints, where your body and mind will be tested to earn cans of Red Bull so you can eat, get accommodation and continue your adventure to the finish line.

You’re probably thinking, w.t.f? But it’s been done in 2014 and it just happened in Europe a few months ago.

Don't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

It’s an event for the adventurous and slightly ill-minded. If you love travel, challenges and freebies this could be just your ticket. The three members of the winning team will receive a Contiki voucher from Contiki Australia and return economy flights from American Airlines.

Red Bull Can You Make It? 2016 applications are open, so if you’re an Australian university student, grab two mates head to and get crackin’ on that application video.