Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef are unparalleled in wild and natural beauty. The area provides adventurers, explorers and photographers with an unlimited array of wild landscapes coupled with a huge diversity in adventure. From the Daintree Rainforest to the secluded islands and diving opportunities, Cairns truly is an explorers dream.

Just recently I made a very spontaneous, action packed and eventful trip to the Cairns and Great Barrier Reef region. It was without a doubt the most last minute and extremely busy two days of my life with a hectic work schedule prior to my departure to one of the world’s greatest heritage listed sites and natural wonders of the world.  I set out with the intention of photographing the adventurous and wild beauty of Cairns and its surrounding regions over this two-day period.

Day one was spent journeying out to Fitzroy Island where we had one of the world’s most pristine beaches entirely to ourselves. If you get the opportunity, attempt the hike to the Fitzroy Summit (not for the faint hearted). This hike is extremely steep but well worth it for the final view.

Day two entailed an early morning adventure North to Palm Cove to watch the sunrise and later accompanied by one of the most incredible experiences of my life – A scenic helicopter tour over the Great Barrier Reef – a must do if visiting the region.

How to get there

Cairns is a short 1 hour and 50 minute flight from Brisbane and is easily accessible by other major city airports

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Essential Gear Required

  • Hammock
  • Snorkel gear
  • Camera
  • GoPro
  • Hiking shoes


  • Scuba Diving
  • Snorkelling
  • Hiking
  • Adventure Trails
  • 4×4 Driving
  • Jet boating

Skill Level

Cairns offers activities for all skill levels. Keep in mind some hikes and trails are designed for more experienced adventures, so always do your research and check local government websites for hiking difficulty and level.

Distance Covered/Elevation Gain

The Fitzroy Summit on Fitzroy Island is approximately a 3.6 kilometre return trip. Allow 3 hours round trip. Elevation: 375meters (1230 feet).