Julie Mundy and Neil Fahey are 2 legends of the Victorian hiking scene and they’ve provided readers with a fantastic one-stop shop for the best walks on the Great Ocean Road.

Walking guides aren’t renowned for being the most riveting of paperbacks. We can assure you though that this guide is one that’ll stir the wanderlust, sitting proudly on your adventure book shelf for many years to come (it’ll take a while to tick all of these walks off!)

The guide, all 122 pages of it, provides insight on a range of short and multi-day hikes that vary in sweat inducing difficulty, including historical recounts and illustrations of the local flora and fauna. I have used a plethora of walking guides before and can attest that this one suits a wide range of experienced hikers, whether they are multi-day track fiends or bish-bash-bosh weekend warriors.

An interesting feature is the ‘Walks at a Glance’ section; concise section that provide an overview of hikes in different sections of the Great Ocean Road indicating time, distance, grade, and of course it’s proximity to good coffee – the most crucial element for most weekend vagabonds. The small track illustrations for each walk provide a simple overview of the entire walk, and whats more, each illustration is complimented with step-by-step directions that make it highly unlikely that you’ll require a helicopter taxi home.

This guide offers enough information to get your sense of adventure pumping strong, but without spoiling your experience. In fact, it’ll leave your inquisitive side wanting to get out there immediately and see the Great Ocean Road for yourself.