Blissed Out Beach Days at Bonny Hills

Blissed Out Beach Days at Bonny Hills
Beautiful little beachside towns with everything you need and nothing you don'tWe were privy to days of beautiful sunrises, a clear and warm ocean and perfect little wavesKilometres of pristine coastline where it's not uncommon to have an entire beach to yourself  Capping it all off with the nights spent on the beach, sand underfoot, staring up at the stars. 

We cruised up the highway in the late afternoon, arriving at the local Bonny Hills fish and chip shop upon dusk.  We ordered a feast and headed to the local campground to drop our gear off.  It was a clear night so we headed down onto the beach with our fish and chip feast and camera gear. I captured a handful of long exposures that evening as the stars glistened above.

The next morning we were up long before the sun was due to rise, across to the beach we ran to see what the ocean and sky had to offer.  We weren’t disappointed when we could just make out small perfect offshore waves as deep red light began to fill the sky.  We spent the morning in the ocean, swimming and sharing waves with the super friendly locals.

After a solid afternoon feast we decided to head a little further north to an all time favourite spot, Crescent Head.  We arrived to see epic little waves reeling off down the beach.  It was late afternoon and the sun was slowly disappearing behind the hills.  My husband sat and watched a handful of surfers gliding along their last waves for the day; I grabbed my camera and did the same.

It’s weekends like these that remind me the simplest moments make way for the greatest happiness and only a few hours out of the city can feel a million miles away.

Essential gear required:

    • Vehicle, tent
    • Surfboards
    • Swimwear
    • Torch
    • Camera gear
    • Case of beer

How to get here:

Bonny Hills is on the mid north coast of New South Wales.  Head about 4.5 hours north on the Pacific Highway.

    • Activities
    • Swimming
    • Surfing
    • Camping
    • Lots of beach walking
    • Lots of chilling out on the beach and enjoying the sunshine.

Skill level

Bonny Hills and surrounding area caters for everyone, young and old.  The local surf spots tend to cater more towards the beginner to intermediate, but on the right day the experts won’t go home disappointed!

Distance Covered

The camp ground is right on the beach so the distance you cover is up to you, depending on whether you want to surf on the beach out front or drive to any one of the brilliant beaches within a stones throw from here.