Has the hustle and bustle of Melbourne become a bit much for your tired soul? The rat race getting you down? Spend your weekend outside of the city instead and jump into nature!


Unlike in Sydney, there aren’t a heap of natural places to explore within the heart of Melbourne. To find the true treasures, you have to jump in the car, hit the highway and skirt on outta there. But you know what? It’s damn worth it. Spend this weekend checking out a new place outside of Melbourne you haven’t been before. You might just surprised at what you find.


Lachie Thomas Tarra-Bulga Tarra Valley Victoria multi-day hikes

Photo by Lachie Thomas

Go For A Dip

Is there anything better than diving headfirst into a pool of cool, fresh water? Any day spent at a gorgeous waterfall makes it instantly feel like summer. Go chase that feeling of freedom. I know just the song you can sing in the car on the way there…


Climb A Mountain!

Grab your mates, chuck ‘em in the car and don’t tell them where you’re going until you’re at the base of the mountain you’re about to climb and there’s no escape. They’ll thank you for it later. Probably.


Throw A Line In

Standing on the banks of a river, totally alone, just the sound of water lapping on the shore – and hopefully a couple of fishies – to keep you company. Sounds like heaven! Melbourne has heaps of beaut fishing spots to spend the day at. Check ‘em out!


Check Out A New National Park

There’s tonnes of national parks in Victoria – we bet you haven’t been to all of them. As if you don’t want to tick another one off the list.


Camping Fees Have Been Halved in Victoria's State and National Parks by Mattie Gould, photo by Jake Doherty

Photo by Jake Doherty

Make It An Overnight Mission

You’ve got 64 whole hours between the time you leave the office on Friday arvo and walk back in on Monday morning. That’s more than enough time to go camping!

There are a tonne of campsites not too far out of Melbourne – make the most of it! And don’t forget the doggo!

You only get two days off a week! Don’t waste it sitting at home looking at photos of nature on Insta. 


Feature photo by @patcordern