What better way to get out there and go exploring this weekend than to set out in search of the Ultimate Country Pub? Grab yourself a few good mates, blast some Cold Chisel “Khe Sanh” on repeat, and do something different than the same old same old bar routine. We promise you won’t regret this microadventure, although you might not remember a few things!

Silverton Hotel

You’ve probably seen this classic Outback hotel in such films as Mission Impossible II, Razorback, Dirty Deeds, Mad Max II and countless other movies and tv shows. The most photographed and filmed hotel in the country, the Silverton Hotel is an iconic pub you just can’t miss! Located 25km north of Broken Hill, the Silverton has been around since 1880 and is rich with history. Just ask the local staff and they’ll be sure to show you the pub’s historical memorabilia. While you’re in the town of Silverton, make sure to check out the old cemetery and Mundi Mundi lookout. Extra points for drinking a pint of ale with Mad Max goggles on! Driving distance from Sydney: 12 hours.

Tumblegum Tavern

Known by locals as the “Tumby Pub”, the Tumblegum Tavern was the first watering hole in the area, established in 1887. Located on the Tweed River, share a glass of wine with someone special by the fire or down a few pints overlooking Mount Warning. Whatever you do, before you leave make sure to ask about the local fishing legend, the infamous 800 pound groper! People travel from all over to see the painting and read the story about the one that didn’t get away. Driving distance from Sydney: 9 hours.

The Pub with No Beer

Although it boasts a name that some might consider an absolute nightmare, The Pub with No Beer is a great place to enjoy a few jars with your mates in the countryside. Made famous worldwide by Dusty Slim’s song, “Pub with No Beer” in 1957, the 100 year old pub has a brand new brewery around back that is sure to never run out of beer! By the end of the night, you’ll be singing along with the locals, “There’s nothing so lonesome, morbid or drear, than to stand in the bar of a pub with no beer.” Driving distance from Sydney: 9 hours.

So get out there and get drinking, er, I mean exploring!

p.s. It should go without saying but drinking and driving don’t mix well. If you’re checking out any of these pubs, designate your driver first and then get the party started.