Are you a climbing fanatic? Or maybe you’re a newbie just looking for your nearest and easiest route. Either way, these bouldering and climbing gyms are the best in Sydney. Go on, send it!


1. 9 Degrees Bouldering Gyms

Locations: Alexandria, Lane Cove, Waterloo and Parramatta
Cost: $20 casual entry

9 Degrees are the dominant face of bouldering in Sydney, with gyms in four locations around the city (Waterloo just opened!). 

Their gyms are all about building community and creating a welcoming space, so everyone is able to access bouldering and have a rad time every time they climb. 

The name comes from the nine degrees of difficulty there are to the different climbs throughout the gyms. 


Photo thanks to 9 Degrees

2. Nomad

Location: Annandale
Cost: $20 for one day unlimited access

With 980 square metres of climbing surface and 1.6km in wall length, Nomad is the largest bouldering gym in the southern hemisphere. 

There are some seriously epic features at this gym – the largest bouldering arch in the southern hemisphere, a 7.5 metre overhang and a 90 square metre suspended space boulder. 

If you’ve never climbed before, they’ve got a bunch of beginner classes you can take to get handsy.

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3. Blochaus

Location: Marrickville
Cost: $20 day pass

Blochaus has gyms in both Melbourne and Canberra and just recently opened their Sydney edition in Marrickville

You’ll never get bored at this bouldering gym. They’ve got an entire setting crew dedicated to cleaning and resetting two sectors of the gym every Tuesday and Thursday. That’s a whole new gym to climb every six weeks! Absolute insanity.  

They’ve got coffee and treats onsite, so you can stay energised and climb all day long. 

The main features of the gym include a 40º woodie, an 8 metre padded slackline and a 12×12 adjustable kilter board. Noice. 

Blochaus also put a strong emphasis on inclusivity and accessibility in their gyms and to climbing in general. Their website has a great guide of how to be an LGBTQ+ ally which they partnered with Climbing QTs to create. That’s what we like to see! 


A New BlocHaus Bouldering Gym is Coming to Sydney!, photo supplied by BlocHaus, climbing gym, woman

Photo thanks to Blochaus

4. Skywood

Location: Freshwater
Cost: $24 single entry

Skywood is another new addition to the bouldering scene, and is now the one and only dedicated bouldering gym on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. 

Owned by world cup climber and national level route-setter, Yossi Sundakov-Krumins, this gym offers top quality routes and holds just a short walk from Freshwater Beach. Location is prime for a post-climb cool off!

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5. Climb Fit

Location: Kirrawee
Cost: $21 casual entry 

Climb Fit in Kirrawee is the only climbing gym in the Sutherland Shire and truly packs a punch! 

They’ve got over 130 top rope routes to keep you entertained as well as a bouldering section. There’s a dedicated training area with hang boards and a ladder, cargo net and rope climb. There’s even a new Kilter board!

Plus the team reset the routes on a weekly basis, so there’s always a new problem to solve!


Photo thanks to Climb Fit

6. Climb Fit

Location: St Leonards
Cost: $21 casual entry 

On the other side of the city, Climb Fit in St Leonards is a little more developed than its southern sister (and more densely packed), with over 160 top rope and lead climbing routes, some of which are over 15 metres long. 

There’s a bouldering section with over 80 problems to solve, a 40 degree Moon Board and an adjustable treadwall. Plus new bouldering and top rope routes on the weekly. Excellente. 

Membership at either of Climb Fit also grants you access to the gym onsite as well. Now that’s value.


Photo thanks to Climb Fit

7. The Edge

Location: Castle Hill
Cost: $16 casual entry (3 hour session)

The Edge is the place to get your high flying adrenaline fix. 

With indoor top rope, lead climbing, bouldering walls, abseiling, indoor caving AND high ropes courses on offer here, it’d be tricky to find another place in the city with such a diverse range of activities all under one roof.

8. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

Location: St Peters
Cost: $21 casual entry

With 3700 square metres of climbing wall, Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym is the biggest climbing gym in the Southern Hemisphere. These guys have been in the climbing game since ‘93 and even hosted a world championship in 2008. 

You’ll find a whopping 420 routes to tackle, 120 of which are lead routes and some an astounding 25 metres in length. Phwoooar. 

There’s also 180 bouldering problems to figure out (more than some standard bouldering gyms) just in case you get bored of the ropes. 

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Photo thanks to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

9. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

Location: Villawood
Cost: $21 casual entry

The biggest climbing gym in Western Sydney, the Villawood version of Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym has a bunch of different climbs to tackle. 

There are two towers in the centre of the gym allowing for a bunch of lead climbs on steep faces, corners, aretes and roofs. There’s a total of 250 routes, plus 50 bouldering problems and even an international standard speed climbing wall. Wicked. 

It’s also super family friendly, with a climbing area just for kiddies, and five caves to explore.


Photo thanks to Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym

10. The Climbing Centre

Location: Penrith
Cost: $18 casual entry (no time limit)

The Climbing Centre in Penrith is the city’s western-most climbing gym and has been around for 25 years! 

They recently added in a bouldering section and provide access to their gym to keep you fit as a fiddle.

11. Northern Beaches Rockhouse

Location: Brookvale
Cost: $18 casual entry

Rockhouse is the one and only rope climbing gym on the Northern Beaches, but it sure delivers. 

With 37 individual top rope routes, including a mix of verticals, slabs and overhangs, plus weekly route resets for a new climb every time, there’s a lot to love. 

They’ve also got seven different bouldering grades and 10+ lead climbs to practice for the great outdoors.