Baltzer Lookout & Hanging Rock (NSW)

We set out to the Baltzer lookout late afternoon in order to see the sunset and setup camp in the last light of the day. Getting to baltzer lookout and hanging rock is really easy. Once you reach Blackheath continue through the main part of town and you will come to Ridgewell Rd which is a right hand turn off the main road. Follow this road up till you reach a gate and a little car park. From there you walk a fairly easy and flat fire trail all the way out to the look out.

The walk out to the lookout took us about 1.5 hours I’m guessing around 5-6km and that was with our heavier packs , tent sleeping gear etc. There is a small clearing and fire pit right on the lookout so you can camp literally right on the cliff edge although this spot is not very private so this is why we set out a little later on to avoid too many people walking through. Looking around though there are definitely more private areas you could find to setup camp.

Once night fall came it looked as if we weren’t going to have much luck with the weather as the cloud cover was quite strong so resorted to going to bed early and hoping for the best. Later that night the wind had picked up to the point where it was that loud it was hard to sleep and there was definitely a slight worry of blowing off the cliff in our tent. After checking outside I realized the cloud cover had almost completely vanished because of this so I took the time to get some shots of the stars above our campsite.

That morning we ended having an amazing sunrise best one I have seen in quite a while so after soaking that in over baltzer lookout we moved down to get some shots of the hanging rock area. Jumping the gap over to the point of hanging rock definitely gets the heart racing and although it was easy you really have to be careful because one slip could cause some serious problems!

After this we headed back to the campsite had some breakfast and set off to the car.We were back in blackheath by 1030am.

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Essential Gear Required:

  • Torches (head & normal)
  • Camera
  • Camping Gear
  • Warm clothes

Distance Covered


How to Get There

Follow Ridgewell Rd in Blackheath to the end where you will find a Gate and most likely other cars in a small car park and set off along the fire trail till you reach the end. Appoximately 5.5km One way.


  • Hiking
  • Sight Seeing
  • Camping
  • Photography