Henry Brydon

amanda at Byron Bay beach

Sydney to Byron Bay Road Trip

For challenge #9 Jimmy and Amanda ventured up the East Coast in their trusty Jeep Cherokee - 'Big Pearl' - bull bars aimed for Byron Bay. Their last road trip as a twosome for a little while, read all about their amazing week long adventure... We se... Read More...

Spit-roasting on Snake Island (NSW)

It’s quite difficult to comprehend that within 1 hour of Sydney it’s possible to stick a metaphorical flag into an island to call your very own, but believe me it’s entirely possible and its name is Snake Island.   Highlights Mediev... Read More...

Henry Brydon


Founder of We Are Explorers, he's always on the rummage for fresh experiences, adventure and all round soul nourishment. He rode a push bike from London to Sydney over two years in search of the ultimate adventure; a 38,000km journey through 30 countries that showed him the beauty of the world and the relieving qualities of chafage cream.