Australian adventures and off-road vehicles go together like Vegemite on toast. But as the reality of global warming, high emissions and increasing carbon footprints become the dominant narrative, can sustainably-minded adventurers really justify heading out bush in the fourbie?

Enter Jaunt. This environmentally conscious and innovative bunch are planning on upcycling iconic Land Rovers for guilt-free, zero-emission outback adventures. This Melbourne startup plan on pulling out the gas guzzling, fossil fuel burning, noisy engines, replacing them with a much greener, cleaner, quieter alternative.

‘We’re building a car rental network to allow you to explore beautiful locations around the county while reducing your impact on the environment. Electric vehicles are almost silent and have no exhaust emissions, allowing you to hear, and smell, the surroundings.’

Aussie Startup Electrifying Off Road Adventures Mattie Gould jaunt, electric land rover, sustainability

Australia is one enormous adventure playground! So flipping huge that unless you’re Jon Muir, the only way to really explore is by car. Sadly, the reality of road-tripping is that you’re contributing to the damage of the beautiful planet you’re trying to see. Yeah you can car share, you can drive at 80kph to reduce fuel use and you can offset your travel through increased sustainability in other areas, but as Australia has one of the highest transport emissions per capita on the globe, something needs to change.

‘Australia should lead the world in zero emissions transport. Help us prove that we love our country as much as we love cars and adventure.’

Want in on the electric adventure? Hop onto Jaunt’s crowdfunding page and check out the ways you can be part of their journey. With plans to tour the East Coast of Australia this year, you could be one of the first to test drive their prototype model, Juniper.


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