Airbnb is no longer just a quick way to find a homely place to crash on the cheap. You can now use them to book your whole adventure.

You could stay with a nomadic family, make dumplings, and hike the Mongolian desert. Camp in the Sri Lankan wilderness, traverse the forests, valleys and hot springs of the Himalayas, or spoon our founder Henry to sleep while nestled in his Byron Hinterland home… that last one might not be listed (yet) but they do have an epic opportunity to travel around the world in 80 days for $7501 AUD.

There’s over 200 multi-day experiences listed on Airbnb Adventures. The aim is to cut the hassle of organising all the nitty-gritty details of your next trip as they include lodging, meals, activities and a local expert who will play host to a group of 12 or less.

Aussie adventures are already being added thick and fast too, with some absolute pearlers already up for grabs. Two that have already caught our eyes are the 2 day surf & camp adventure along the Great Ocean Road (for $270) and a 3 day road trip through the Atherton Tablelands in the tropical north (for $299)!

You can search and book in the familiar way that you may have booked a place to stay in the past. Except this time you’ll head to off-the-beaten track locations, get unique cultural experiences and have your itinerary all laid out for you.

There’s adventures for all sorts of budgets. It could be $79 for an overnighter or up to $5000 for a once-in-a-lifetime 10-day trek and, as the website suggests, all you have to do is rock up.


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