Note: This event has been postponed, stay tuned for further updates!

On  August 2nd our Explorer Brooke Nolan is heading to the inaugural Adventurous Spirit 2018 in Sydney, an evening aimed at igniting the adventurous spirit inside by sharing epic stories from those who have been there and done that. Here’s why you should join her.

I used to be intimidated by people who have done cool stuff. I’d watch from afar as I thought “I could never do that”. But since I landed in my now adoptive country, Australia, 18 months ago, that attitude has slowly changed.

I’ve gone from being intimidated, to intrigued, to finally – inspired. A large part of this is realising that although we’re surrounded by carefully cultivated Instagram feeds and tales of incredible exploits, it doesn’t make our own adventurers any less exciting, meaningful, or valid.

Adventure is relative. It’s a state of mind. For one person, an adventure is discovering the new flowers blooming in their local park. For another, it’s running the width of India like the incredible Samantha Gash, who’ll be speaking at Adventurous Spirit this year.

For me. It was moving to Australia in the first place to pursue my goal of “spending more time outside”.

In the past year my confidence in the outdoors has grown exponentially. And this is mainly due to the fact that I’ve thrown myself into the adventurous community that thrives in this beautiful country – and surrounded myself with the people who used to intimidate me. Now they inspire me.

That’s why I’m so excited for the first ever Adventurous Spirit talk series, by the Adventurous Life Project. Running in Sydney (2nd August), the Gold Coast (4th August) and Melbourne (5th August) the event features an incredible line-up of speakers:

  • Samantha Gash, who ran 3,253km from the West to East of India
  • Mal Macgown, an ex SAS soldier and counter-terrorist hostage negotiator
  • Ky Furneaux, author of  “Girl’s Own Survival Guide” who survived 21 days living in the Louisiana swamplands on her own
  • Heather Millar, who was New South Wales’ Local Woman of the Year 2016
  • International speaker and traveller Heather Yelland
  • The Joneseys, who travelled 1,800km through the Australian outback with their one-year-old
the jonesys, adventurous spirit, adventurous life project, speakers

Photo from The Jonesys

To top it off, the evening is hosted by Sebastian Terry, who’s known for pursuing his list of 100 incredible things to do before he dies.

The Adventurous Life Project aims to:

“Create a tribe who are adventurous at heart, recognise the power of play and understand that adventure builds grit, resilience and the ability to overcome challenges.”

Well. I couldn’t agree more and I can’t wait to be a part of it. Grab your tickets here and hit me up on Instagram if you make it along.

sam gash, run india, adventurous spirit, adventurous life project, speaker

Photo from Run India

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