From adventure inspo to awe-inspiring, follow these Aussie adventure photographers to fill your feed with all things wild.


As a photographer and the official curator of the We Are Explorers insta feed for the last coupla years (please, hold the applause), I’ve come across some seriously talented photographers on the world wide web. With the state of international travel as COVID-19 traverses our globe, it’s an excellent time to start pondering your next escape in our very own backyard. So I’ve decided that a healthy dose of inspo through the medium of visual arts is exactly what the world needs right now. And who knows, maybe one of them will inspire your next adventure.

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And now without further ado, prep your thumbs for scrolling because here’s the ten photographers you need to be following in 2020.

From The Sky


Jamie Hudson // @jaimenhudson

In 2008, a motorcycle accident left Jamie a quadriplegic and confined him to a wheelchair. His resulting condition made it impossible for him to continue the activities he loved, like surfing and diving. So in 2015, he bought his first drone and hasn’t taken it out of the sky since. His take on aerial photography is quite like his story, unique. 

Under The Sea


Jordan Robins // @jordan_robins

A wise Jamaican crab once said ‘Everything’s better down where it’s wetter’ and when you take a look at some of Jordan’s images, you’ll see why. Though he calls the waters of Jervis Bay, NSW home, he’s travelled far and wide to capture some truly surreal seascapes that your eyes will enjoy.



Lewis Burnett // @huntingforparadise

Lewis Burnett truly has a knack for capturing a moment in time. His shots manage to immortalise a split second and create an immersive experience into his immediate surroundings. Whether it’s a manta ray at full flight or a group of sharks feeding on a bait ball, do your eyeballs a favour and check out these shots.

On The Road


Mitch Cox // @mitch.cox

Have you driven all the way around Australia? (Yes we’re even including Tassie). Well, Mitch has and he’s taken his camera through some uncharted territory, capturing some gob-smackingly beautiful landscapes and tempting us all to leave the world as we know it, for a life on the road. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself.

On The Walls


Kamil Sustiak // @kamil_sustiak

Having fostered a passion for scaling cliffs in beautiful natural settings at a young age, Kamil has now made a base in the Blue Mountains and gives us a snapshot into a life on the walls. If you’re into other adventure sports like trail running, highlining or even base jumping, his feed is sure to tickle your pickle.



Melissa Findley // @melissafindley

Inspired by the beauty and power of the natural world, Melissa’s photography knows no bounds. Floating from landscapes to travel, portraits to adventure and everything in between, each photo in her gallery seems to hold an intricate story just waiting to be told.



Michaela Skovranova // @mishkusk

Michaela has a real flair for the dramatic. The nuances in her composition, colour palette and perspective create unique imagery that conveys a deliberate message. As a contributing photographer for National Geographic and positioned as an Olympus Visionary, her visuals will keep you coming back for more.



Matt Donovan // @itsworthashot

You wouldn’t be mad if one of Matt’s pictures was hung in your house, office or anywhere else you frequent. Each of his images elicits emotion and captures a sense of depth. He’s a walking definition of #whereyoudratherbe and his photos will force you to add a handful more places to your bucket list.


Luke Tscharke // @tscharke

Luke’s been fascinated by the natural environment since he was a child, and his photos truly exhibit the deep connection he feels with the world around him. Mix in a spoonful of bushwalking and a cup of photography talent, and you’ve got a delicious blend of skills that help him shoot some of Australia’s most stunning and natural attractions.

Off The Beaten Track


Reuben Nutt // @reubennutt

Not only is he a creator for Queensland’s official tourism page, but his take on the wild places across the state, highlight the majestic grandeur and scale of these pristine landscapes. If you feel like you need a kick in the bum to get out and explore, have a cheeky scroll and never unfollow.


Feature photo by Matt Donovan